Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something Wicked for the Weekend

Tobor (by senses working overtime)


Knowing Blends Science Fact with Fiction @ Popular Mechanics

Fangoria speaks up In Defense of KNOWING

Box Office: Knowing Grabs $8.8M Friday, Targets $24M Weekend @/Film

The Weekly Wrap-Up: March 15-21
@ Dread Central

The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

The Haunting in Connecticut official site

Martyrs @ The Horror!?

Friday the 13th Uncut @ Black Hole DVD Reviews

Frogs @ The B-Movie Film Vault

The Invisible Man Returns @ mermaid heather

The Art of The Munsters : Arnold Kohn
@ Frankensteinia

Before Twilight, Before True Love, Vampires Were Once Heartstoppers, Not Heartthrobs @ Horror Hacker

presents: Amon Amarth: Johan Hegg's Favorite Horror Films


First Look at the New Series Warehouse 13 @ ShockTillYouDrop


Movie Morlocks on Horror Trailers: Horrific, ghastly, incredible hyperbole!

The Demon Landlord Trailer @


Weather Child (Philippa Ballantine) @ Podiobooker

Midnight Podcast 127


Walk in Shadows (Nicholas Kaufmann) @ Somebody Dies

Breathers @ io9

Jen Wang: The Angel Maker @ Book Covers Anonymous


Al Williamson @ The Bronze Age of Blogs

The Witches' Brew
@ The Horrors of it All

By the 10's: Magnus, Robot Fighter! @ Random Acts of Geekery

Spies, Detectives, Pulps...

Free ebooks: "Age of Aces Presents" Air War Pulp Stories vis Bish's Beat

Harvard Lampoon's  J*mes B*nd ~ Alligator ~ by I*n Fl*m*ng
@ Bish's Beat

Philip Bennion's Death (Richard Marsh (1897)) @ The Bunburyist

Touchstone (Laurie R. King) @ Mysteries in Paradise

Strictly for Cash
(James Hadley Chase) @ Rough Edges

Dark Side of the Morgue
(Raymond Benson) @ Somebody Dies

Crime SuspenStories Cover Gallery
& Manhunt #13 Fallon of the F.B.I. @ Golden Age Comic Book Stories

More OSS 117 Sequel Details Emerge!
@ Double 0 Section

Rear Window @ Cinema Viewfinder

Creating Character - Jake Gittes @ Murderati

The Best TV Crime Drama Openers, #9 Perry Mason @ The Rap Sheet

Podcast: Red Panda Adventures (44) - I Dream of Genies @ Decoder Ring Theatre


Evil Movie Megacorporation Rebranding @ SpaceSick via Ad Freak

CBS Saturday Morning 1976 @ Cool-Mo-Dee