Friday, March 20, 2009

Fearful Friday Morning Update Part 1

werewolf_london (by senses working overtime)


@ Cinematical

@ Film Junk

Top 10 Killer Animal Films: Prophecy (1979) @ The B-Movie Film Vault

The Vulture @ Hammer and Beyond

Dracula & Son @ Talisin Meets the Vampires

Let the Right One In @ Battery in Your Leg

remembers Excorcist 2: The Heretic

The Horror Vault
@ Cinefantastique

Cinematical Seven: Apocalyptic Science Fiction Films

Fangoria interviews British Horror Filmmaker Ashley Thorpe (Scayrecrow)

Great Slasher Mysteries Vol. 2 @ Retro Slashers


StarShipSofa: Aural Delights #70


AMC's B-Movie Classics : 20 free streaming flix including The Hellfire Club, Asylum, Corridors of Blood, Hercules Unchained, Dark Star, What A Carve Up and War of the Colpssal Beast!

Bonnie and Clyde Vs Dracula @ Talisin Meets the Vampires

Dark Moon Rising Trailer @ Dread Central

Larry Karaszewski on "Dr. Black And Mr. Hyde" @ Trailers From Hell


Invasion of the Ghost Monsters @ The Horrors of it All

Wampir - Photohistoires d'épouvante @ Deadlicious


RESIDENT EVIL 5 (XBOX 360/PS3) @ HorrorsNotDead


2009 Hugo Award Nominations

Patient Zero (Jonathan Maberry) @ Bookgeeks

Angel: After the Fall #4 and #5
(Joss Whedon,Brian Lynch,Franco Urru) @ everyday reads

Spies, Pulp, Mystery...

Kiss For a Killer ( G.G. Fickling) @ George Kelley

Raymond Chandler re-issue covers
@ Caustic Cover Critic

The Mysterious Bookshop remembers Forgotten Mystery Writers: Freeman Wills Crofts

Dog On It, The Bellini Card: Investigator Yashim Goes to Venice, Murder in the Latin Quarter and Fault Line @ USA Today

Barnum! in Secret Service to the USA
@ Rough Edges

Atom Boy ebook
(Raymond King Cummings) @ Manybooks

007 fan fiction: The Art of Cold War (Thomas Clink) @ CommanderBond

Krimi: Dynamite in Green Silk (1968) @ Hallo, hier spticht.....