Monday, March 16, 2009

late afternoon update


Harlan Ellison Sues CBS-Paramount, WGA ("City on the Edge of Forever") @ Nikki Finke


"Drag Me to Hell" Work in Progress Review @ Twitch

Caché (2005) @ The Flick Chick

The Ruins
@ The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense

Doctor X & The Return of Doctor X @ Mondo 70

Scared Stiff @ Temple of Schlock


NBC's 'Kings' dethroned in ratings
@ the live feed
(Ravensdeth sez: "An odd concept for a network show. well made but half way through the cliches began piling up too high for my interest to support.")


Weird Tales : BBC H.P. Loveraft radio program
@ poeTC

Horror Etc Podcast Episode 75 - Nightmare on Elm Street Retrospective (Part 3)


The costumes of "The 10th Victim" and Mods To Moongirls @ Spy Vibe

Kriminal (1966) and The Mark of Kriminal (1968) @ Double O Section

BBC Hitchcock documentary -- Now (briefly) online @ Alfred Hitchcock Geek


H.P. Lovecraft portrait @ Christine Marie Larsen