Friday, March 20, 2009

Fearful Friday Morning Update Part 2


Knowing- Disaster Wrought by Numbers @ SciFi Scanner

Knowing is Half a Good Movie and One-Quarter One of the Worst Movies Ever Made @

Knowing @ Row Three

The Orphanage
@ The Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie

Night of the Living Dead @ Only the Cinema

Troll 2
@ Horror Movie A Day

From Dusk Till Dawn – 1996 @

Fangoria's Lists of Doom: Psyopus - Arpmandude's Top 10 Horror Films

The Forgotten: Blood is the Color of Night
(The Blood Drinkers) @ the auteurs

The Uninvited Opens in Korea
:The Korean Horror Remake is Invited Back to Its Native Country @ SciFi Japan

Ain't It Cool's Ambush Bug reports on Fangoria's Weekend of Horror

Another Badass Poster for Terminator Salvation! @ FirtstShowing


"Namaste":Lost Review
@ SciFi Watch

A gaggle of LOST videos @ Approaching Lost

Eleventh Hour: "Olfactus" @


Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street
trailer @

Trailers for Quench, Alien Trespass, Shuttle, Blood River, Plague Town, Martyrs and Mum and Dad @ mermaid heather


Podcast:Midnight horror Show - Satan's Soapbox 4 - Horror Comics

The Mark of the Witch by Jack Oleck and Alex Toth. @ Grantbridge Street


Review: Private Midnight (Kris Saknussemm) @ Patricia's Vampire Notes

Review: "This Is Not A Game" (Walter Jon Williams) @ Fantasy Book Critic


Hitch @ Hulu:

The 39 Steps
Spies and the police chase a handcuffed couple who cannot stand each other.

A watchman seeks the culprits who framed his son, a mechanic at a U.S. plane factory.

The Lady Vanishes
An heiress and a photographer become convinced that an elderly nanny has disappeared from their train through the Alps.


Mr. Arkadin
A shady financier pays a man to research his past, in order to erase it with murder.

Reefer Madness

Young people go from marijuana to wild piano playing, hysteria and death.

The Classic Tales Podcast
presents A Scandal in Bohemia, by Arthur Conan Doyle


More great Doc Savage Covers @ Pop Culture Safari


The Prestige Distinguishes Real Magic From Illusion. Can You?
@ SciFi Scanner