Friday, October 03, 2008

31 Days : Tricks and Treats : Day 3: Morning

Three (two comics and a toon) from Cool-Mo-Dee
  1. Vampire Tales #1
  2. Crypt of Shadows #9
  3. Wally Gator - Which is Which Witch

Frankensteinia takes a bite out of Frankenberry!

Vinny Rattolle
shares the marvelous Peter Pan label kid's Halloween LP Monster Mash

The Horrors of it All
offers the Eerie comic story Help Us To Die!

urges us all to stare deeply into The Other Side of the Macabre Mirror!

Crosseyed Cyclops
shares the comic adaptation of Underworld.

Dread Central has cool posted art for Argento's next giallo Giallo.

Black Hole DVD Reviews does just that to The Victim

Killer Kittens reviews The Entity


The Horror Section looks back at 120 years of Jack the Ripper.

New at Hulu:
Starship Troopers
STARSHIP TROOPERS charts the lives of elite members of the Mobile Infantry, a corps of dedicated young men and women soldiers fighting side-by-side in the ultimate intergalactic war... the battle to save humankind.
Netflix Watch Instantly (req account)

Just for the Hell of It / Blast-Off Girls
Teens run amok in this drive-in double bill from splatter master Herschell Gordon Lewis. In Just for the Hell of It, teenage gangs terrorize a town. When a good kid named Doug (Rodney Bedell) is threatened, gang leader Dexter (Ray Sager) stops the fight. But will Doug and his girl (Agi Gyenes) be spared the next time? In Blast-off Girls, up-and-coming rockers Big Blast need a boost, so their manager hires go-go-dancing back-up singers.


Alex Borden (Christopher Denham) has everything going for him: good looks, charm and smarts. But soon after he meets Harry, a mysterious chess expert and a thoroughly bad influence, Alex's mental powers inexplicably begin to grow and horrible visions haunt his dreams. It's not long before people in town begin disappearing, forcing Alex to confront the dark urges and violent repressed memories invading his subconscious.

Silence of the Lambs
In this pulse-pounding adaptation of Thomas J. Harris's novel, FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) ventures into a maximum-security asylum to pick the diseased brain of Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a psychiatrist turned homicidal cannibal. Starling needs clues to help her capture a serial killer; unfortunately, her Faustian relationship with Lecter soon leads to his escape … and now, two deranged killers are on the loose.

The Alice Cooper Story

Rocker Alice Cooper was the quintessential heavy metal hotrod, a forward-thinking renegade who knew how to make great music and show it off in high Goth style. Filmmaker Neal Preston trains his lens on this mysterious and charming figure to find out why he's so popular, what his influences are and where his roots are planted. Also includes interviews, rare footage and more. Note: Contains explicit content.

They Live

In this consumer culture parody, professional wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper plays an unemployed working stiff who finds a pair of sunglasses that let him see the world as it truly is. Billboards carry subliminal messages such as "Submit to Authority," and yuppies are aliens bent on subduing the human race. Before you can say, "Die, yuppie scum!" Piper grabs a gun and starts blasting.