Wednesday, October 01, 2008

31 Days: Tricks and Treats: Day 1: Late Afternoon

Halloween Blogging....

Better Homes and Gardens has literally scads of neat Halloween crafts, recipes and costume and decorating tips in their 100 Days of Holidays section.

Weddings and Celebrations features a Halloween Candy Buffet.

Exploitation Retrospect kicks off 31 Days of Fright.

31 Days of Horror: A Cinematic Countdown to Halloween @ Triggeerstreet

31 Ghosts in 31 days at Do Ghosts Exist?

In the Void begins it's Oktober Horror Fest

B-Movie Star waxes nostalgic while kicking off 31 Days of Halloween.

Row Three's 31 Days of Horror begins with My Little Eye.

The Zombie Reporting Center is undead with their 31 Days of Halloween celebration.

Other Good Stuff...

Homer of the dead: Simpsons turn into zombies for horrific Hallowe'en episode (Daily Mail via Zombie Reporting Center)

Crosseyed Cyclops
shares Boogeyman #1, an underground comic from 1969 featuring a certain R. Crumb.

Apparently, H.P. Lovecraft Had a Sense of Humor (Suite 101 SciFi)

Random Horror Comic Cover | Weird Mystery Tales Super Special

Weird Mysteries Super Special (by senses working overtime)