Sunday, May 03, 2009

more stuff for a stormy Sunday

Barnabas (by senses working overtime)


Pontypool @ CHUD

Sleep Dealer @ /Film

The Children @ Horror

The Death Factory: Bloodletting
@ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Slaughter High
@ Anchorwoman in Peril

Watch Me When I Kill @ Retro Slashers

Fiend without a Face @ Bad

The Last Horror Film: The Tromasterpiece Collection @ DVD Talk

Peter Jackson Back to Zombie Horror?
@ ShockTillYouDrop

Behind The Lens: Michael Paul Stephenson, Director of Best Worst Movie @ Film Junk

The Posters of Frankenstein : Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
@ Frankensteinia


Ultra-Q @ Black Hole DVD

Faraday's Physics on Lost Stray from Science Towards Spiritual World @ Popular Mechanics

SF Signal's Revisiting Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine


Capricorn One @ SF Signal

The Golem & Grave of the Vampire @ Internet Archive

Casting Call of Cthulhu @ The Horror!?

FEARnet All AXess @ Hulu

Trailer - Ju-on Wii Game
@ Dread Central


Cthulhu Podcast 55 - The Street of the Four Winds

The Price of Fear: Family Album @ Relic Radio's The Horror!

Inner Sanctum: The Edge of Death @ Relic Radio Thrillers

Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout (Victor Appleton) @ LibriVox

Rodan The Flying Monster & Varan The Unbelievable (Soundtracks)
@ Magic Carpet Burn

How To Succeed in Evil: The Original Podcast Episodes @ Podiobooks


Mike Vosburg: Lori Lovecraft @ Lovecraft is Missing

The Stand @ Blood Between the Panels

Bugs @ Grantbridge Street

Mystery, Spies...

Operation Kid Brother @ Movie Morlocks

The Woman in Green @ Internet Archive
Holmes and Watson investigate a series of bizarre and apparently unconnected murders, and the death of a possible suspect. The trail leads to a society of hypnotists and a mysterious, glamorous woman. The fiendish Dr. Moriarty, though reported hanged in Montevideo, is believed to be involved.