Friday, May 15, 2009

Extra stuff...


Return To Sleepaway Camp @ The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense

Galaxy Quest @ Radiator Heaven

Star Wars Randomised @ Spectacular Attractions

Black Sunday: The Mask of Satan (La maschera del demonio) (1960) @ Are the hills going to march off?

Fanboys @ Cinema Fromage

'Fanboys' director Kyle Newman @ WWTW

TORn exclusive with 'Reclaiming The Blade,' director @ The One Ring

6 countries collaborate on $30m live-action "Bubblegum Crisis" @ Nippon Cinema

Flash Gordon's Ming and His Symbols @ Acidemic Film


Dollhouse Renewed @ The Live Feed


Karloff Double Feature: Island Monster / Chamber of Fear @ Netflix (req. acct.)


Shining Knight @ Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Deadman: Exorcism #1 | #2  @ The Phantom Stranger

Spies, Crime...

Three Days of the Condor
@ DVD Savant

China Moon (1994) @ Noir of the Week


Ten Worst Car Commercials Of All Time @ Jalopnik

The Film Posters of Joop van den Berg @ Ephemera assemblyman