Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Night Update


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Cinematical's Asian Cinema Scene

Baby Blues
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1989 remembered @ Final Girl

The Omen Legacy
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Mr. Sardonicus (1961)
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Cinebeats' 10 Questions with Shane Briant

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Fall Preview: NBC's Day One

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Magdalena Possessed by the Devil Trailer @ Harry Moseby Confidential

Joe Dante on "X The Unknown" @ Trailers From Hell

Japanese Children Defend Against A Zombie Attack @ BuyZombie


Atragon & Latitude Zero (Soundtracks)
@ Magic Carpet Burn

Short Science Fiction Collection 015


Prophets (Apotheosis: Book One) by Andrew Swann @ King of the Nerds

The Name of the Wind – The Kingkiller Chronicle, Day One by Patrick Rothfuss
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Worst Nightmares by Shane Briant @ Hammer and Beyond


Dark Horse's new iPhone app available to read older Terminator comics @ SFScope

Donald Duck - Voodoo Hoodoo
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Army of Darkness #20 preview
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Crime, Adventure...

The Corpse Came Calling, by Brett Halliday @ Killer Covers

She @ Spectacular Attractions

OSS 117 Threequel News @ Double 00 Section

0SS 117's past @ The Spy Wise Blog

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Spade and Archer by Joe Gores @ Rough Edges


Cool Stuff
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Horror Monster Cards (1961) @ Crosseyed Cyclops