Wednesday, October 01, 2008

31 Days of Halloween: Day1: The Comics Rack :Adventures Into Terror

(Note: Most of the comics I'll be sharing are not my original scans. i've collected them from various corners of the online world over the years. Often the name of the original scanner is lost but there's an excellent chance that many of the books you'll see here were originally provided by such legendary names, in the scene, as Ontology, Jojo or Cimmerian32 to name but three. Many of these comics can be found in CBR form at the amazing and wonderful , If you like what you see here, and on the wide array of other blogs that share vintage comics, you owe it to yourself to check them out!)

Adventures Into Terror #44

adventures into terror 44 fc (by senses working overtime)

adventures into terror 44 the Storm detail (by senses working overtime) adventures into terror 44 Creeping Vine detail (by senses working overtime)