Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday AM Quickie

Bride of Frankenstein (by srsalme)

Took two days off, one planned (one un-) and fell hopelessly behind again. Here's a start...


Voices @ Mermaid Heather

Fritt Vilt @ Mondo 70

Dying Breed

Hellraiser [Blu-ray] @ The Trades

Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989) @ Horror Movie A Day

The Amazing Colossal Man @ Radiation Cinema

Frankenstein (1931) / Bride of Frankenstein (1935) or How Women Ruin Everything @ filmsquish

Acquanetta in Captive Wild Woman @ Cult Sirens

French Horror: Where Do They Get the Gaul? @ LBotL's Grave Thoughts


Dark Moon Rising Trailer
@ HorrorYearbook

Book Trailer: Hell's Aquarium (Steve Alten) @ Slasher Speak

Medium: The Devil Inside, Kings: Judgment Day @ Hulu

Creature Of Destruction @ Internet Archive
A color remake of "The She Creature", Les Tremayne is a mad hypnotist who regresses a girl back to a previous life, which, in her case, was a sea monster. The monster from this Larry Buchanan film was reused in his later movie, "It's Alive"..


CthulhuPodcast 53 - Bellwethers Asteroid, part 2

The Day The Earth Stood Still (Lux Radio Theater) @ Relic Radio Sci-Fi


The Garbage Man & The Kill Crew (Joseph D'Lacey) @ The Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie


Batman & The Deadly Curse Of Korabo @ Magic Carpet Burn

Dark Castle Adapting Alien Graphic Novel The Nye Incidents @ FirstShowing

Review: Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis #1
@ Major Spoilers

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