Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Afternoon Update

Lugosi, Bela - as 'Dracula' 1931 (by 4ft Colt)
Lugosi, Bela - as 'Dracula' 1931 (by 4ft Colt)

Universal Making Dark Horse's Umbrella Academy @ Cinema Blend

Space, The Final Frontier of Horror @ Horror Hacker

Lots of Buzz building for the movie adaptation of Richard Matheson's The Box
@ Tor/Forge

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Southern Gothic @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

The Possessed @ Kindertrauma

Splinter @ Death in the Aisle

Ornag Minyak (2007) @ Black Hole DVD Reviews

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The Big Alligator River
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The Vault of Horror & Day of the Woman Present: The 20 Hottest Women of Horror

Five Films That Prove Anime & Manga Shouldn't Be Adapted @ Spoutblog


Ennio Morricone - Chi l'ha vista morire? (Who Saw Her Die?) @ the manchester morgue


Exclusive gory GAME OVER teaser
@ Fangoria

Doctor Who Planet Of The Dead Trailer
@ SF Crowsnest

Tourist Trap trailer @ Doomed Movieblog

The Dawn
@ Hulu
A group of students sign up for a college credit course about indigenous cultures at a rural retreat. But, when darkness falls, the students find out that the curriculum also includes their bloody deaths.


SF Signal's MIND MELD: The Forgotten Books of SF/F/H

Dune: Science Fiction for Fantasy Fans

Owen Davies's top 10 grimoires @ via Enter the Octopus


The Bronze Age of Blogs remembers Warren's 1984 / 1994

The Reaper
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Nightmare Flight
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The Man With the X-Ray Eyes @ Temple of Schlock

Mystery, Pulp..

Hitchcock's "Number 17" @ shadowplay

New Peter Wimsey novel
@ Euro Crime

His Name is...Savage
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Thunderball Scores With Best Bond Gadgets @ The Underwire

Return Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair (1983) @ Double O Section


Fatal Frame 4 Never Coming To US
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Jon's First Survival Horror Game - RE5 @ EvilOnTwoLegs

Funcom's The Secret World Is Not Safe For Frosty Treats
@ Kotaku

Cinebeats guide to cool retro TV sets