Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back from oblivion...

Back from my long net-less weekend, now I'll be playing catch up all day today. Here's a small selection of linky goodness to get things started...


From Within @ OMG Horror

Timecrimes @ Best-Horror-Movies

 Marilyn Chambers in David Cronenberg's Rabid @ Moon in the Gutter

Blood of the Virgins @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Gargoyles (1972)
@ The Horror !?

Rondo Hatton: The Brute Man
@ Shadowplay


Hello, Franceska @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Red Dwarf - Back To Earth & Dr Who: Planet of the Dead @ Concept Sci-Fi


My Little Eye @ Hulu

Tormented trailer @ Bloody Disgusting

Moon trailer @ Sarahnomics

Night of the Vampire (The Moontrekkers)
@ Suburban Vampire


Cthulhu Podcast 52:Bellwethers Asteroid (William A. La Fleur)

OTR: The Jolly Corner (The Black Mass) @ Radio Relics' The Horror!


CrimeWAV Podcast: Rafe McGregor's "Blue Mail." via Bill Crider

'Orrible Murder! (1971)
@ The Haunted Closet

The Saint Goes West  (Leslie Charteris) @ Pop Sensation

So Long at the Fair @ Rancid Popcorn


10 Examples of Royal Weirdness
@ Neatorama