Sunday, September 06, 2009

Weekend 2.0


La Momia Azteca (1957) @ The Horror!?

Brutal As Hell...
Grimly Fiendish:

The Prowler (1981) @ Midnight Showing

Future-Kill (1985) @ Mondo 70

Three… Extremes
@ Taliesin MtV

STAR ODYSSEY / Italy - 1979 / Space Overture @ 13

The Mummy's Hand and The Mummy (Universal) @ Coming Attractions of the Past

The Tomb of Ligeia (1964) @ The Obscure Hollow

Happy Birthday Max Schreck @ it's dark in the dark

Ladies of Giallo #8: Seeing Triple @ The Daily Touniquet

DVD Talk:
The io9 Guide To 2009's Fall Movies


Stargate SG-1 Watchathon - 'Nemesis' (S03E022)
@ SF Signal


The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)
@ SF Signal


Cthulhu Podcast: 64 - The Case of Charles dexter Ward, part 4

Suspense: Nighmare (1949)

Suspense - Money Talks
and Suspense - Death in Box 234 @ Escape and Suspense

The Big Town - The Charity Killers (02-22-49) and The Shadow - The Vengeance Of Angela Nolan (06-27-54) @ Boxcars711


Dead Meat Ch. 23: Who's Next?

The Factory by Bill Owens and * while (bDarwin) by Q. B. Fox @ 365 Tomorrows


Way of the Barefoot Zombie by Jasper Bark @ it's dark in the dark

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
@ Siskoid's

SciFiGuy's Urban Fantasy Weekend Report

"Sticks": An Unsung Influence on THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT?
@ Tomb of the Headless Wolfman


Channel Evil @ The Groovy Age of Horror

Vampires Dance at Dusk
@ The Horrors of it All

North 40: Finally, a REAL Horror Comic @ The Vault of Horror


1978 STARLOG TV Superheroes Article! Lynda Carter! @ Big Glee

Pulp Picture Parade: Science Fiction Adventures magazine covers @ Pop Culture Safari