Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday 1.0

Been rather deeply under the weather the last day or so but wanted to get something posted - so, here's a smattering of netty goodness...


Haute Tension and The Face Of Another @ Grimly Fiendish

The Last House on the Left (2009) and Child's Play (1988) @ DVD Review

Dracula's Daughter Belgium Poster
@ Dracula's Crypt of Collectibles

Revenge of the Creature
@ Coming Attractions of the Past

The Magic Sword (1962)
@ The Obscure Hollow

Twilight 3: Less Sparkle, More Blood And Guts @ io9


Dracula: The Undead Trailer and An Exclusive Clip from the It's Alive Remake @ ShockTillYouDrop

Marvel Zombies Animated - 60's style @ Topless Robot

Eastwick @ Hulu


H.P.Lovecraft Literary Podcast Episode 11 - The Tree and The Cats of Ulthar

Yog Radio #38: Miskatonic River Press - Reloaded

Escape Pod 216: βoyfriend

Drabblecast 130


Timeline of the Planet of the Apes @ CHUD


Lady Daemon @ The Bronze Age of Blogs

The Tingler #1 preview
@ Comic Monsters

Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual #1 @ Siskoid's

Adventure Comics 437-440 (1975) and Wrath of the Spectre 4 (1988) @ The Comic Treadmill

Halloween Stuff...

Martian #1 & Martian #2 @ Magic Carpet Burn

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies @ Creative Busy Hands


The Adventures Of Sam Spade - The Adam Figg Caper (10-05-47), Dragnet - The Big Pipe (02-23-54) and Bold Venture - Deadly Merchandise (03-26-51) @ Boxcars711

Free @ The Case Of The Missing Will by Agatha Christie
@ SFFaudio