Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday Morning Quickie

just a quick one for now thanks to the old , now sadly familiar, technical difficulties...

Free Book: 'The Rocketbelt Caper: A True Tale of Invention, Obsession and Murder' @ Teleread

Black Hat Magick Chapter 5

Too Much of a Good Thing by Jimmy Calabrese
@ Flashes in the Dark

Tasakeru A Story of Another Earth @ Web Fiction Guide

Wireless by Charles Stross
@ The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent.


The Heap - Cave of the Banshee @ Olden Times

Heavy Metal: Conquering Armies
@ The Savage Critic(s)

Star Trek v.2 #38 Consequences! @ Siskoid

Review: The Bionic Woman #1
  @ Comics Bronze Age


888 Gun (Unknown, 1950s)
@ Doc Atomic's Attic of Astounding Artifacts