Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday I.V

Mummy Ornie Art Doll  1 (by Shain Erin)
Mummy Ornie Art Doll  1 (by Shain Erin)

Sorority Row @ The Moon is a Dead World

Monster in the Closet
@ Horror Yearbook

The Curse of the Crying Woman @ Behind the Couch

Hecklerspray's Top 26 Vampire Movies

Coming Attractions of the Past...

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Doctor Who Whispers of Terror & Torchwood Unreleased Music - Part 1 @ Life, Doctor Who & Combom

Doctor Who: Podshock - Episode 155

Drabblecast 121

Cinema Corpse (Horror and Sci-Fi Podcast) #1

Out of the Coffin Episode #42 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Movie (1992)

The Locked Door by Beyond Midnight
@ Relic Radio


Lake Tahoe's Lover by Nadia Bulkin @ Fantasy Magazine

Psychosis by Jeffrey Slocum @ Well Told Tales

AntipodeanSF Issue 133


The Witching Hour @ Hairy Green Eyeball

Star Trek v.2 #37 Prisoners of War? @ Siskoid

The Way it Crumbles by Kevin Michaels @ Darkest Before the Dawn

Sensing Murder @ DVD Talk

OTR: The Whistler - Death Comes At Midnight (10-18-42), Barry Craig Confidential Investigator - Ghost Of A Chance [Remo Torch] 12-19-51 @ Boxcars711

Escape - The Second Class Passenge
r @ Escape and Suspense

The Mariner's Secret, a Matt & Heather Thriller @ PodioBooks


TheoFantastique interviews Frances Flannery of GOLEM: Journal of Religion and Monsters

Tom Swift book covers pt. 1, 2, 3 @ Pop Culture Safari

To Be Continued, pt. 10: Television, Movies and Beyond
@ Lovecraft is Missing