Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekend stuff (trailers, best foreign horror, worst of 08, 3D Frankie and more...)

solange (by senses working overtime)

The Return of the "Cyber-Horror Elite": Presenting the Top 20 Foreign Horror Films of All Time! @ The Vault of Horror

Third Dimensional Frankenstein @ Frankensteinia

Freddy vs. Jason @ Dinner with Max Jenke

Sweet Sixteen @ Anchorwoman in Peril

The Ghost of Flight 401 @ Kindertrauma

Midnight Movie @ Horror Movie a Day

Cyclops @ DVD Savant

City of the Living Dead @ The Lightning Bug's Lair

Worst of 2008
@ Evil on Two Legs

Population : 1, Touristas, Watcher in the Attic, Ghost Boat and more @ Arbogast on Film

Trailer Park: The Lost, The Damned and The Dead
@ Cinematical

"Triangle" Trailer
@ Row Three

Trailer for Sandler's Spooky Shortcut @ Dread Central

'Surrogates' Goes Viral in Time for NYCC @ Film School Rejects

New York Comic Con: Surrogates Trailer
@ /Film plus A Description of the First 18 Minutes of Watchmen (Plus One Bonus Scene)!

Crunchy and gooey goodness awaits you in 'Infestation'! @ Twitch

Astroboy Screening Promises Butt Cannons @ io9

Laserblast and Zombie vs. Ninja @ Cult Trailers

The Backwoods @ Hulu
A couple from London take a trip to Spain's Basque region. It's romantic, until they find a deformed girl in a cabin, and try to rescue her. Turns out, the local folk don't take kindly to strangers.
The Chessmen of Mars (E.R.B) and Short Sci-Fi Collection #10 @ Librivox

Grimm's Ghost Stories #59 & #60 (and bonus mini-comic) @ Cool-Mo-Dee

Manga Review - Uzumaki by Junji Ito @ The Moon is a Dead World