Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Links for a Twisted Tuesday

Horror Movie (by Eden'sEyes)
Horror Movie (by Eden'sEyes)

Final Girl Film Club: F13 and MBV uncut

An Angel for Satan & The Long Hair of Death @ DVD Savant

Dr. Cyclops @ Only the Cinema

Amusement @ Top Horror Movies Club

Boy Eats Girl @ All Horror Movies

Hitch's Family Plot
@ Vinnie Ratolle's

The Medusa Touch @ Popcorn & Sticky Floors

13 presents "The Man & the Monster"!

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein! @ Random Acts of Geeekery

Michael Lives: The Making Of Halloween @ Horror Movie a Day

The Case of the Bloody Iris @ Love Train For the Tenebrous Empire

Watch Me When I Kill @ Den of Geek

Memorial Valley Massacre @ Horror Yearbook

The Hills Have Eyes II @ Movie Mobsters

Kevin Williamson Writing New Scream Trilogy? @ /Film

Diablo Cody Tattoos Her Name on Zombie Romcom 'Breathers' @ Film School Rejects

George Méliès: The Monster (1903) , The Infernal Cake Walk (1903) @ Internet Archive

Sexy Witch has a new home.

Revisiting the Victorian Techno-thriller @ Strange Horizons

Lovecraft is Ubiquitous @ Lovecraft is Missing

Fishmen @ Warren Ellis

Scott Allie: Drawing on Your Nightmares @ Dread Central

GOBSMAKT! Studios-The Studio Of The Bloody Iris @ Tomb it May Concern

The Horrors of it All invites you to "Step into My Parlour"

The SFFaudio Podcast #026
asks "If Stephen King was your dad and reading you a bedtime story, would you ever get to sleep?"

BBC Radio's Season Of Science Fiction
(via SFF Audio)

First Look: Video Game Footage from Dante's Inferno @ First Showing