Friday, September 02, 2011

Halloween Update for 9.2.11

The Countdown is coming...


Ten Musicians' Ghosts That Still Stalk The Earth (And How To Dress Up As Them For Halloween) @ DC9 at Night

Hiding in the shadows of Venice @ Justine's Halloween

Check out Creepy Creations' cool Halloween Clock

Roundup: Halloween Horror Nights “exclusive” concept art @ Creepy Los Angeles

Halloween Horror Nights construction ramps up @ behind the thrills

Spooky World brings Halloween frights to Fenway @ Boston Herald

Silly Symphony: Hell’s Bells @ She Walks Softly

The Sidewalk of Sinister Snares @ Dave Lowe Design

Halloween Book props @ Instructables

... plus more links 'n' pix and stuff at Prof. Rasvensdeath's Monster Rally (Tumblr) and Prof. Ravensdeath's Tales of Terror (Tumblr)


Halloween @ Kickstarter

Halloween @ Bandcamp