Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Still Catching Up...


The Collector @ I Love Horror

Us Sinners @ Horror Society

House of Dark Shadows @ it's dark in the dark

Passing the Torch: A Comparative Study of the SAW and FRIDAY THE 13TH Franchises @ Fangoria

Eye of the Devil (aka 13) & War-Gods of the Deep (aka The City Under the Sea) (1965, UK)  @ Wrong Side of the Art


A Haunting: The Calling
and A Haunting: The Aprtment @ Haunted San Diego


LibriVox's Short Science Fiction Collection 23

Drabblecast 124- Ghosts and Simulations by Ruthanna Emrys Drabble- Navy Wife by A.S. Lowe

Pseudopod 153: The Hay Devils

PodCastle 064: Castor On Troubled Waters

Out of the Coffin Episode #46 - Transylvania Twist (1989)

Requiem by Dimension X @ Relic Radio

The SFFaudio Podcast #032
and FREE @ Paranoia by Joseph Finder



French Lovecraft Books @ H.P. Lovecraft and his Legacy

Blue Devil Island by Stephen Mark Rainey
@ Dead in the South

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Zombie Jim @ Buy Zombie


Star Trek Annual v.2 #5 : The Dream Walkers @ Siskoid

Crime and Espionage...

Black Seconds by Karin Fossum
@ Mysteries in Paradise

OHMSS in Playboy Magazine
@ Illustrated 007

Secret Mission (1942) @ Mystery*File

Agent 69 Jensen: In The Sign of Sagittarius and In the Sign of Scorpio

The Phantom Comics @ Books and Comics  via Crosseyed Cyclops