Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night Fast One (Carnival of Souls, Dan Curtis, PJ. Soles, comics and more)

Mutant Hunt
and The Killing of Satan @ Cult Trailers

Arbogast on Film on Carnival of Souls

Doomed Movie Blog has a 17 Bava flick festival planned for this weekend

Kindertrauma remembers Dan Curtis and The Kids of Crystal Lake

After Halloween, Two Scream Queens Follow Different Paths @ Horror Hacker

Coital Coronaries and Sexecutions [NSFW]
@ io9

Horror High @ The Poster Pit

The Roaches and I Gargoyle @ Grantbridge Street...

The Horrors of it All knows the Devil Will Get You if You Don't Watch Out

Frankenstein Versus the Prize Comics No-Stars @ Again With the Comics