Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday night update...

The Mirrors (by Allan Tähtla)
The Mirrors (by Allan Tähtla)


"Land of the Lost" Is "Anchorman" With Dinosaurs and Aliens @ io9

The House of the Devil
@ The Brooklyn Rail

Dark Mirror (2007)
@ Filmcritic

Intruder (1989)
@ Horror Movie A Day

Blade Runner Is About To Get A Prequel Webseries
@ io9

Clive Barker's Twitter Feed Brings Hellraiser and Nightbreed News
@ /Film

Why The Horror Blogging Community is the COOLEST
@ Day of the Woman


Blood Ties Season 1
@ J!-Ent

Star Trek Re-Watch: "Arena" @


Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides (USA cut of Hammer's The Satanic Rites of Dracula) & The House of Seven Corpses @ YouTube

The Devil's Partner (1958) @ Internet Archive
An old man dies in his shack while performing satanic rites. Shortly afterward, a strange man shows up claiming to be the old man's nephew. When he moves in, strange things begin to happen, like a man being attacked by his own dog.

'The Final Destination' Trailer Races Online @ Rope of Silicon

Trailer - Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo / Ju-on: Kuroi Shojo @ Nippon Cinema

Temptation (Gothic Vampire Horror) Teaser 2 (NSFW) @ YouTube


Knock At The Door by Lights Out
@ Relic Radio


25 Totally Free Tales by Top-Name Talent
@ SF Signal via FSFD

aoife's kiss 8th Anniversary Issue
via Quasar Dragon


'Burning Skies' – David J. Williams
@ Graeme's Fantasy Book Review


The Walking Dead #62
Lionsgate Films: Leprechaun #2 & Vincent Price Presents #10 Previews @ Comic Monsters


OTR: Hercule Poirot - Murder Is A Private Affair (11-23-45)
@ Boxcars711


London's magical history uncorked from 'witch bottle'
@ New Scientist

Arthur Rackham - The romance of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table (1917)
@ Monster Brains