Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Overnight Emissions


The Real (Symbolic, and Imaginary) Ghostbusters @ Overthinking It

Boy Eats Girl & Dance of the Dead @ Paracinema

@ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Minority Report @ Film for the Soul

The Alligator People
@ Coming Attractions of the Past

Rev. Phantom's Top 10 Favorite Gruesome Sci-fi Movies @ Midnight Confessions


Star Trek Re-Watch: "Tomorrow is Yesterday" @ Tor.com


@ Crunchyroll
The Bonomiya family’s women are the protectors of the Inugami, evil dog
spirits. If the Bonomiya women fail to keep watch over the spirits - or
worse, if they decide to use them for revenge - then the Inugami will run
wild in the village looking for blood.

St. John's Wort
@ Crunchyroll
A game designer and his girlfriend Nami drive out to a decrepit mansion she
just inherited, to film backgrounds for a new video game called St. John's
Wort. As they search through the dark halls, a series of chilling paintings
reveal clues to Nami's past, including a picture of twin babies, named Nami
and Naomi. In another room, intrigue turns to terror when they find the
mummified bodies of six young boys. Now, if the couple is to survive the
night, they must discover the horrifying truth behind the paintings, the man
who created them and the twin that Nami never knew existed.


The Cold equation by X Minus One @ Relic Radio Sci-Fi

Hallucination Orbit by X Minus One @ Internet Archive

The Queen of Space by The Space Patrol
@ Boxcars711

Bloodletting Podcast: "Hooks" Episode 1 "Awakenings"

First episode of Bloodletting, the podcast arm of The Daily Tourniquet.  "Hooks" is an audio serial about a new kind of dark superhero.  In episode one, "Awakenings," she wakes up after being raped and murdered and finds out shes a walking corpse.


The Wonders of the Invisible World
by Cotton Mather @ Munseys

Poisoned Air by S.P. Meek
& The World Beyond by Ray Cummings @ Project Gutenberg


Werewolves and Vampires and Men and Women
@ Fyrefly's Book Blog

Benjamin's Parasite by Jeff Strand
@ The BookZombie


Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires #1

Pulp, Crime...

Dames on a Bullet Binge by Frederick C Davis @ Munseys

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)
@ Big Hollywood


Grotesque Alphabet
@ Bibliodyssey

2009 NewYork weekend of Horrors in pictures @ Evil On Two Legs

ABC's Awesome Saturday Morning Cartoon PSAs
@ Cavalcade of Awesome