Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday festerings...

cry of the banshee (by senses working overtime)


Moon @ Starlog

Moon @ News in Film

@ Rope of Silicon

@ Buzzline

@ Atomic Popcorn


Moon @

Dead Snow

The Last House On The Left (2009) @ theDish

Shock Waves
& Murder Loves Killers Too @ Brutal As Hell

Burnt Offerings (1976)
@ The Obscure Hollow

Ben (1972) @ Full Halloween

"Project: Moonbase" (1953) @ Republibot

'ZombieLand' Shows Off Zombie Basics @ FSR

Behind-the-Scenes New Moon Footage
@ Dread Central

Sony Screen Gems Remaking 'Blind Terror'
@ BD

Teen Vampire Film "Soulstice" is a Go
@ Vampire Cafe

Kevin Lima Remaking Don Knotts' The Incredible Mr. Limpet
& John Carter of Mars Shooting in November @ FirstShowing

del Toro will test shoot FRANKENSTEIN in two weeks, talks casting for THE HOBBIT... @ Obsessed with Film

Rev. Phantom's Top 10 Favorite Film Scores @ Midnight Confessions


'True Blood' back in circulation @ David Hinckley (Daily News)

Vampires strike back: 'True Blood' boils anew in Season 2
@ USA Today

Vampire TV


Orphan Trailer
@ Cinefantastique


The Haunting - Chamber of Horror Cassette
@ Nightmare City

The Galactic Force Band - Spaced Out Disco (1978) @ Franklin Mint Blog

Masters Of Horror - the original stories in audio
@ SFF Audio

X Minus One 560522 052 The Defenders
@ Internet Archive


The indispensable Quasar Dragon offers up a collection of cool Zines (and, as usual, a good deal more)

Working Stiffs by D. Allen Crowley
@ The Daily Tourniquet


The Little Stranger by Saeah Waters

The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan Audiobook review @ SFF Audio


Tomb It May Concern
presents Vampire from Stark Terror

The Bottle
@ Lovecraft is Missing


Kiss Me, Deadly (1955)
@ Cinefantastique

Sherlock Holmes: The Masks of Death
@ Permission to Kill

OTR: Sherlock Holmes 1948-12-12 The Adventure Of London Tower @ Internet Archive