Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mid-week mischief

HOUSE of WAX, 1953 (by Remember When?)
HOUSE of WAX, 1953 (by Remember When?)


The Crystal Lake Massacres! @ AICN

New Friday the 13th Special Editions
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Before the Fall
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Blood: The Last Vampire [Live Action] @ Japan Cinema

Warriors of the Wasteland @ Need Coffee

The Monster demands a mate again…
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Top 12 Horror Locations
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Stacie Ponder advises...Know Your Zombies... or Else! @ Horror Hacker

Slashers Go to Development Hell
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Trek 2 Will Take Liberties, But Transformers 2 Is Already Taking Plenty @ io9

Fireball XL5 @ SciFiPulse

The Man of Steel mystery: Was George Reeves murdered 50 years ago today? @ Hero Complex


Century City @ Hulu

Monster Shark (1984)
& Boardinghouse (1982)House of Whipcord (1974) @ Cult Trailers

Popskull trailer
@ horrornews (YT)

The Resurrected (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) @ Lovecraftsuniverse (YT)


Aural Delights No 89


Bewildering Stories 341  via Quasar Dragon

Daughter by Lori Titus @ Flashes in the dark


Guillermo del Toro: The monster man
@ The Independent

SF Signal's MIND MELD: Real-Life Places That Inspire Exceptional World Building

"Timequake" by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1997)
@ Republibot

Lilly Mac Kenzie and the Mines of Charybdis new pages | start page

Star Trek 922. The Sky Above... The Mudd Below
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Fall of Cthulhu: Nemesis #3 preview @ Comic Monsters

Pulp, Mystery...

Pulp Art: Black Mask - Dog Eat Dog @ I Was a Bronze Age Boy

The Thirty Nine Steps (1935)
@ The Lightning Bug's Lair

E Is for Espionage @ Bookgasm

Radio Drama: Father Brown Mysteries - The Blue Cross (12-02-84) @ Boxcars711

Mesrine: Part 1 - Death Instinct (L'Instinct de mort) trailer & How to be a Serial Killer trailer @ Filmstalker

Hishakaku and Kiratsune: A Tale of Two Yakuza (1968) trailer
@ AsianVirusNet (YouTube)

Halloween Stuff...
Halloween Mask Catalogues @ Monster Brains

time2dive's Haunted Bookshelves vids
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