Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Nillithi, the Deep One (by Morgan190)
Nillithi, the Deep One (by Morgan190)


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Sam Raimi Could Have Directed the New Star Trek Movie
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When Serial Killers Go From Real to Reel
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The Amazing Colossal Man
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The Hitcher in the Dark
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Lost Will Kill Epic Television, Claims Producer
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Go/No-Go: Televisionary Talks to "Virtuality" Co-Creator Michael Taylor @ Televisionary

Frankenstein: The True Story 1973 article
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The Ghost Train (1941)
@ Internet Archive
Mismatched travelers are stranded overnight at a lonely rural railway station. They soon learn of local superstition about a phantom train which is said to travel these parts at dead of night, carrying ghosts from a long-ago train wreck in the area.
The travelers eventually get to the bottom of the things that go bump in the night. In between the scary bits, comedian Arthur Askey plays the gags with his Vaudeville style humor.
Random MST3K clip: MST3K riffs on Evil Dead 2! mash-up


The Sending by CBS Radio Mystery Theater @ Relic Radio

Sci-Fi Song #18: Cylon #
6 @ Sci Fi Songs

SF Audio shares news
of an offer of 3 free audio books from Random House - yours for the taking when you sign up for their monthly e-mail newsletter


Free Kindle books: The Widow by Carla Neggers & Deception by Sharon Cullen @ Amazon via Books on the Knob


MIND MELD: New SF/F Recommendations for the Golden Age Reader
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The Dracula Centenary Book
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Supernatural Thriller Personal Effects: Dark Art launches @


Star Trek 915. Partners?
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Buck Rogers #1 review @ CBR

Scooby-Doo #145
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Peril at End House by Agatha Christie
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Roadside Crosses by Alan Cranis
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Spy Catcher - Neutral Ground (10-18-60)
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The Sleeping Car Murder (1961)
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Halloween Stuff...

Munster56's 2008 Halloween Display vids


Fandomania’s 40th Anniversary Celebration of Monty Python: 1969 to 2009 (Part 1)

The Pre-Historic Era's Most Vicious and Bizarre Cannibalistic Creatures
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