Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday night update


Moon @ Cinematical

The Final Destination & H2 @ FEARnet

Don't Answer the Phone (1980)
@ Retro Slashers

High School Horrors @ MMMMMovies

Rocketship X-M @ Black & White World

50 Glorious Scifi Movie Intro Voiceovers
@ io9


Duncan Jones on Moon - Science Fiction Film Podcast Interview
@ Cinefantastique

SciFiPulse Interviews Flash Gordon Comic Writer
@ downthetubes

Radio Drama Revival 126: Haunted by Hayward, and Richard Fish Talks NATF


Charlton's Monster Hunters & Dell's Twilight Zone comics @ Crosseyed Cyclops

has Image's September solicitations including the debut of Fallout Toyworks, The Sky Pirates of Neo Terra, Dead Space : Extraction and the graphic novel Beast by Marian Churchland.

Pixu: The Mark of Evil @ Omnivoracious

reviews Zombie Tales Vol. 4

Spies, Gumshoes...

James Bond 23 Hires Peter Morgan
@ Cinematical

Bullgog Drummonds Wife @ Internet Archive

Walk Softly Peter Troy - The Repentant Red-Head (12-17-63)
@ Boxcars711

The Maltese Falcon
@ Black & White World

Underworld Beauty (1958)
@ Teleport City


Zombies and Skittles redefine advergaming
@ Ad Freak

40 Greatest Movie Death Scenes @ Movie Mobsters