Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday 1.0 (31 Links)


The Collector @ Cinema Somnambulist

The Wild Man of Navidad @ What Would Toto Watch?

Antichrist (2009) @ Cult Labs

Insecticidal (2005) @ Radiation Scarred Reviews

@ Flames Rising

Ringu (1998) @ Basement of Ghoulish Decadence

Demon Warriors @ DVD Talk

God Told Me To @ The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense

Scarce (2008)
and The Bloody Ape (1977) @ Fatally Yours

Hell Night (1981) @ Midnight Showing

Torso and Gozu @ Grimly Fiendish

Interview With Mother's Day Actress Nancy Hendrickson
@ Retro Slashers

Entertainment Weekly Does It Again & My Rebuttal to Owen Gleiberman @ I Love Horror


"In Search Of…": Opening the Door to Paranormal Television Then and Now
@ TheoFantastique

Dungeons and Dragons the Complete Series @ Branded in the 80's


Internet Archive:

Green Monster Trailer
@ Horror Yearbook


Inner Sanctum Mysteries - Dead Man's Debt (06-26-45)
@ Boxcars711

Inner Sanctum Collection @ Internet Archive


The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and By Blood We Live  via Variety SF


The Island by Tim Lebbon
@ The King of Nerds


It's a big week for space adventure and Ultimate Comics, ultimately @ Robot 6


The Frog and the Scorpion by A.E. Maxwell @ BCS

Dead Men Leave No Fingerprints by Whitman Chamber @ Mystery*File

Whitehall 1212
@ Internet Archive

The Blue Beetle - Dancing Ghosts Of Rocky Hill Two Parts COMPLETE (08-21-41)
@ Boxcars711