Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday 1.0 (62 Links)


District 9 @:
First Two Clips From District 9 Take You Inside The Alien Slums @ io9

District 9 Wallpaper @ Cinema is Dope

In Defense of THE MIST @ The Vault of Horror

Directors talk Blair Witch Project sequel @ FilmStalker

Ghosts Of Goldfield (2007)
@ Top Horror Movies Club

Nosferatu in Venice (1988) @ Tomb of the Headless Werewolf

The Occupant (1984)
@ The Horror!?

Craze (1974)
@ 13

Coffin Joe Collection @ 10,000 Bullets

House of Wax (1953)
@ The Lightning Bug's Lair


SCOOBY-DOO! The Mystery Begins Set for September 13 on Cartoon Network @ Deamon's TV


Creepiest Cult Indoctrination Scene Of All Time
@ io9


Escape - The Earthmen/Mars is Heaven @ Escape and Suspense

X Minus One
@ Jezner

Night Beat - The Devils Bible (07-24-50) and Box 13 - The Dead Man Walks (06-12-49) @ Boxcars711

19 Nocturne Boulevard - Cultists Stole My Baby!!!

Golden Lilies, by Aliette de Bodard @ Fantasy Magazine

H.P.Lovecraft Literary Podcast  via Grim Reviews



Black Hat Magick Chapter 10: Structural Integrity (Part I)

A Fantasy of Hope by Jonathan Wood @ The Daily Cabal

Her by David Richey @ 365 Tomorrows

Strange Horizons


Modern Magic by Anne Cordwainer @ Fantasy Magazine


'Star Trek: Nero' Fills In Movie's Story Gaps... And Kicks Off This Week's Best Bets! @ Splash Page

Comic Review: Eureka: Dormant Gene #4 @ Fandomania

The Werewolf of Washington Square @ THOIA

The Time Machine by Alex Toth
and The Worm Turns by Michael Fleisher, Alfredo Alcala, and Russell Carley @ Grantbridge Street

Crime, Adventure...

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: The Shady Lane Matter @ Jezner

The Adventures Of Ellery Queen - The World Series Crime (10-08-42) @ Boxcars711

The Woman in the Alcove by Anna Katharine Green @ LibriVox

Fadeaway by Richard Rosen
@ Mystery*File

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) @ Divers and Sundry


Adrift on the Pacific A Boys Story of the Sea and its Perils by Edward S. Ellis (R.H. Jayne) (1911) @ ManyBooks

The History of Mr Polly by Herbert George Wells (1910) @ Feedbooks