Monday, August 31, 2009

Tuesday 1.0 (75 links)


The Bells @

Three 1940s Lon Chaney MUMMY films @ Mystery*File

The Lodger (1944)
@ The Obscure Hollow

The Horror of Party Beach (1964) @ Radiation Cinema

"Return Of The Evil Dead" @ 13

Paranoiac @ The Daily Tourniquet

The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)
@ Row Three

The Monster Squad
@ Dr. Hemres

Brain Damage (1988)
@ House of Self Indulgence

Strangeland @ Cinefantastique

Primer @ SciFiCool

Slayer @ Dead in the South

I Sell the Dead (2008) @ Love Train For the Tenebrous Empire

The Seamstress (2009) and Seventh Moon (2009) @ Horror Movie A Day

Halloween II
@ /Film

Halloween II
@ Slasher Speak

Halloween II
@ Fandomania

Halloween II vs. Halloween II @ Classic Movie Monsters

Coming Attraction of the Past:
Wrong Side of the Art:

Reaper Awards 2009 Nominees @ ShockTillYouDrop

Shouting Match: Best Horror Film of the Decade
  and Boiling Point: Hollywood Horror Releasing Still Wrong @ FSR

Wired's Favorite Sci-Fi Flicks of All Time

Nikolaj Arcel to take on 'Deadman
' @ Variety

Spike's Scream 2009 - Vote Now


Supernatural To End This Year... Kind Of
@ io9

'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' (1973)
@ RopeofSilicon

The Munsters – season 1 and 2 @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Stargate SG-1 Watchathon - 'A Hundred Days'
@ SF Signal


Casper the Friendly Ghost in "There's Good Boos Tonight" @ The Retroist


Fall Fantasy Film Forecast on Chronic Rift

Monster Scifi Show Podcast Episode 18

Transmission 21: That Thing Over There by Dominic Green

The SFFaudio Podcast #034

Great Northern's "Jokes in Space" @ Radio Drama Revival

SF65: Watch Bird by Tales Of Tomorrow @ Relic Radio

Dr. Who Music: The Daemons and The War Games @ Life, Doctor Who & Combom


Free Horror Online Eserial by Douglas Clegg
@ ...With Intent to Commit Horror

Sitting Up with Grandpa by Blu Gilliand
@ Fifty-Two Stitches

The Dead House by Richard Marsden @ Dark Recesses

Dead Meat Ch. 22: The Dentist Is In

Black Hat Magick Chapter 12: Tommy Knocking at the Door (Part II)

Strange Horizons

Constant Erosion By Mikki Zheng
and In Therapy By Chad Case @ MicroHorror

New online serial novel from Scott Lynch
@ Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

Tales of the Brass Griffin Ep.9

Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930 @ ManyBooks


The Shadow people by Margaret St. Clair @ Grognardia

Nevermore by William Hjortsberg @ Lovecraft is Missing

Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine @ SF Signal


Army of Darkness #24 preview
@ Comic Monsters

Villa of the Vampire
@ Pappy's Golden Age Comic Blogzine

The Three-Eyed Mad Doctor @ Magic Carpet Burn

George Wilson - Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, Cover Paintings @ Monster Brains

Crime, Adventure...

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 138 – Crime Classics

Escape - The Vessel of Wrath
@ Escape and Suspense

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936) @ Hollywood Dreamland

Vintage Detective Magazine Cover Gallery @ PCL Linkdump

The Paliser case by Edgar Saltus (1919)
and The Island Mystery by George A. Birmingham (1918) @ Feedbooks


Zombie Week: Link Extravaganza @ Temple Library Reviews

Post-Apocalyptic Games: Fallout 3 @

Viva Knievel! part 1
@ Retrospace