Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Stuff


Drag Me To Hell
@ OMG Horror

Drag Me To Hell
@ Tractor Facts

Martyrs @ Blog Critics

Black Blood Brothers @ Taliesin Meets the Vampires

The Living Coffin (1959) @ The Obscure Hollow

Genuine: A Tale of a Vampire (1920) @ Shadowplay

When Movies Tackle Reality TV, Reality Bites
@ Horror Hacker


The Best Of Star Trek: The Original Series @ Blog Critics


The Lottery (Shirley Jackson/Brittanica) @ Author Scoop

Grants Pass Book Trailer
@ Dark Wolf

Forlorn Hope Trailer @ La Fosse aux Shoggoth


Cthulu Podcast 57 - Herbert West Reanimator, part 2

Guest Spirit At Seance by The Uninvited @ Relic Radio


Arkham Tales #3

Shimmer #10
via Quasar Dragon


Valley of the Dead: Kim Paffenroth Book Combines Classic Literature and Zombie Apocalypse
@ Theofantastiqe


Fall of Cthulhu Nemesis #2 review
@ fandomania

Strangeways: The Thirsty - week of 5/25
@ Robot 6

Back from the Dead! / The Raving Maniac

Mystery, Pulp...

Starlight Mystery Theater - A Sweet Scent Of Mystery (1949)
& Whitehall 1212 - The Case Of Dr. Duncan Allen (1952) @ Boxcars711

Sinister Errand by Intrigue @ Relic Radio Thrillers

Pulp Paperback Parade @ Pop Culture Safari


The Addams Family the Musical

Synaesthesia in Frankenstein @ Mind Hacks


Video Tips & Tricks: Halloween Special.. How To Make Fake Movie Blood! @ Full Halloween

King of Mice Studios
shows off a Nifty Halloween Witches Plate @ Halloween Forum

UV Reactive Jell-O recipe from ruggerz @ Halloween Forum