Wednesday, May 27, 2009

M is for morbid

Keep Calm and Carrie On (by cole007)
Keep Calm and Carrie On by cole007


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BthroughZ May 09

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Mr. Nobody Trailer
@ First Showing

The Beast of Yucca Flats @ Internet Archive
Tor Johnson is a defecting Russian scientist who is transformed into a deranged caveman by the detonation of an atomic bomb.

Battle Beyond The Sun
@ Internet Archive
The space race is on between two countries. Who's going to land on mars first? Look for the scene with two goofy looking monsters battling on an asteroid..

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It's Starman to the rescue again in this Japanese movie.

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Shocker OST
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Skeleton Creek by
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Basic Instinct@ Hulu

S.F. detective Nick Curran investigates a murder and discovers a bloody icepick and evidence of an otherwise romantic evening. As Nick digs in, he becomes entangled in a deadly affair involving three intriguing women, each with motives.

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ebook: An Antartic Mystery by Jules Verne
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